Your mental health comes first

Comprehensive online Psychiatry includes diagnosis and close supervision by a team of consultant psychiatrists and specialist therapists.

Personal, technological, efficient, and groundbreaking approach

We are here to help find the right treatment for you

Fast access to tailored psychiatric treatment

Video meetings with doctors and therapists (no need to leave the house)

Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis 

Support and accompaniment throughout the whole process

A significant part of people in the UK who suffer from a mental health condition – do not receive the appropriate treatment.  

Many of those who receive treatment encounter extremely long waiting times and often suffer from unwanted side effects.

Is the existing treatment not suitable for you?
Have the waiting times in the health system left you without adequate treatment?

We are here for you!

Just as two different people who follow the same diet can get completely different results, in the world of mental health, personalization is a complex matter and the results may vary due to a variety of factors, such as age, weight, and genetic variations.

3 Simple Steps

Through an efficient process that includes diagnosis, adjustment of treatment and close supervision, we can reach the best solution for you.

The process includes a unique algorithm based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which allows us to give each patient the most suitable treatment for them, personally and intelligently.

How it Works



No need to leave the house

Our immediate and online test to assess anxiety and depression is done online and allows the doctor to better understand your condition and give you an accurate and personalized prescription just for you. This way we can save you a lot of time and unnecessary suffering.


Personalized Treatment and Medication

The perfect treatment for you

Finding the medication that will work best for you is done with the help of an algorithm based on artificial intelligence that we developed during years of in-depth scientific research, which allows the psychiatrist to adjust the medication for you as quickly as possible, with one of the highest success rates in the field (up to 2 times the current success rate of prescribing).


This way we can make sure that you received the most suitable treatment for you.


Close Monitoring and Accompaniment

We are with you throughout the whole way

Our team of consultant psychiatrists and expert professionals in mental health, together with our support representatives, will accompany you and give you their full attention until the expected improvement is met.

With the help of advanced feedback and monitoring software, the center's staff continuously monitor the improvement in your daily functioning and check if there are any side effects. The diagnosis, treatment, prescription and follow-up are carried out at your convenience, and from the mobile phone.


Yes, there is no need to leave the house or go to the clinic and waste precious time. This way we can accompany you in the process and take care of your quick return to a normal life.

For additional information and to set up an appointment with a clinician, please leave your details
and we will get back to you as soon as possible



The response my patient received at Healthy Mind was quick, courteous and professional... based on experience with other patients I have referred, I wholeheartedly recommend using their services.

Tali Huri- Psychotherapist

It's time to transform your life and experience rapid results, without having to wait in long and unnecessary queues

Those who have begun this process with us have achieved a whole new way of living

Immediate Availability

Accurate and Fast Diagnosis

Personalized Treatment and Medication

Close Monitoring and Accompaniment

90% of out patients have reported an improvement in their mental state after only 8 weeks 

Recommended by Patients

Your Mental Health Comes First

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