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Healthy Mind's team of experts is made up of the best mental health professionals, who have extensive experience in the public and private sector and have helped thousands of patients.


Through an efficient process that includes assessment, diagnosis, adjustment of treatment and close supervision, we can reach the most correct solution for you, and give each patient the most suitable treatment for him or her in a personal and smart way.

Successful treatments for ADHD in adults and youth

Personal treatment for ADHD

If you are feeling  difficulty focusing, high frenzy, impulsiveness or dreaminess, it may be attention deficit disorder. Attention deficit disorder affects not only academic or occupational performance but many areas of life, including social, interpersonal, or marital functioning. The treatment of attention disorders should be personal, adjusted to age and situation, and we invite you to us for personalization of the treatment from a wide variety of methods to solve the problems, get stronger and move forward

If you suspect you have ADHD

If you suspect that you have ADHD, it is important to seek an evaluation from a mental health professional. An ADHD evaluation usually includes a thorough assessment of symptoms, medical history, and family history. Our virtual clinic offers easy access to assessments and treatment options for ADHD in adults and youth

The good news

The good news is that there are several effective treatments available for ADHD. The options that exist today include, among others, medicinal therapy, behavioral-cognitive therapy and other emotional therapies dedicated to ADHD.  Among the prescriptions for the treatment of ADHD, you can find mainly stimulants and non-stimulants, that can help improve concentration and reduce impulsivity. Behavioral therapy and coaching can help people learn coping strategies, improve organization and time management, and develop effective communication skills. In conclusion, if you suspect you have ADHD, you are not alone. ADHD is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that can significantly affect daily life if left untreated. Getting evaluated by a mental health professional is an important first step in getting the help you need. With the right treatment, people with ADHD can improve their quality of life and achieve their goals more easily

Diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in 3 simple steps

Through an efficient process that includes assessment, diagnosis, treatment recommendations and close supervision, we can reach the best solution for you.


The process includes a team of mental health specialists and NHS consultant psychiatrists to make sure you get the right treatment the first time, and allows us to give each patient the most suitable treatment for them, personally and intelligently.



No need to leave the house

Our immediate and comprehensive examination is carried out online and allows the doctor to better understand your condition and give you an accurate and personalized treatment just for you. This way we can save you a lot of time and unnecessary suffering.


Treatment that's right for you

Personalized treatment for you

Appropriate treatment saves months of suffering and enables a quick return to a happy and meaningful life


The adjustment of the treatment is done by an expert psychiatrist with the help of a multi-professional team, to ensure that you receive the best and most suitable treatment for you.


Close monitoring and accompaniment

We are with you all the way!

Our team of psychiatrists and expert professionals, together with our support representatives, will accompany you and give you their full attention until the expected improvement.

With the help of advanced feedback and monitoring software, the center's staff will continuously monitor the improvement in your functioning and check if there are any side effects. The diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up are carried out at your convenience.


Yes, there is no need to leave the house or go to the clinic and waste precious time. This way we can accompany you in the process and take care of your quick return to a normal life.



The response my patient received at Healthy Mind was quick, courteous and professional... based on experience with other patients I have referred, I

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- Tali Houri - Psychotherapist -

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